> MINI PAK’R warranty form

MINI PAK’R warranty form

For warranty coverage, please complete the form below within 30 days of purchase of your MINI PAK'R machine. Form fields marked with an * asterisk must be completed for warranty to be valid. Completing the other data is by choice, but would help us improving our MINI PAK'R concept even further.

Machine number
(at back of machine) *
Date of purchase *
Title * Miss.     Mrs.     Mr.    
Surname *
First name *
Company *
Market sector
Address *
Post code *
Town/city *
Country *
Phone number *
E-mail *
Where will MINI PAK’R be used primarily?
How many people work at your facility?
How did you hear about the MINI PAK’R machine?
(for example: distributor catalogue/website, trade show etc.)
What made you decide to purchase the MINI PAK’R?
(for example: ease of operation, cost, someone's recommendation)
What products will you pack with MINI PAK’R?
What MINI PAK’R film did you choose to buy?
EZ – Quilt Air Small – Quilt Air Large – Double Cushion - Supertube
What products do you currently use?
Please use the section below to supply any additional information or suggestions

(*) Required fields

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