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Reactivity : our 2/48 program

Despite all possible care that FP INTERNATIONAL is placing in maintaining their systems, if anything happens we are here to help.

As far as technical issues are concerned, we have developed the 2/48 principle, which means that you’ll be in contact with our Field Service technicians in less than 2 hours after initial request, and if the problem cannot be answered on the phone, we commit to fix the problem in less than 48 hours.

The average time to get in touch with a technician is 42 mm and 40% of the problems solved by phone.

We constantly measure these reactivity performance indicators, and persistently strive to improve our response time.

For any other questions or request we might have, the FP INTERNATIONAL customer service teams are just one quick phone call away. Based in each country where we operate, they have been trained to supply you with best possible advice.

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