The right tests for the right quality level

Problem : Quality means continuous improvement with a focus on customer needs and expectations.
How do we make sure we deliver the right product quality which complies with our customers ever changing needs.

FP INTERNATIONAL solution: In our drive for continuous improvement, we are focusing our efforts on testing customer applications in order to develop our technical database.

Our tests now include Creep, where under load the stability of our pillows is evaluated over a period of time. This allows us to develop products with longer air retention.

We also undertake compression, free falling dart and puncture testing. This allows us to validate the impact on the products being carried and the sensitivity of damage at impact from an outside force.

On top of this, we are equipped with a packaging test center allowing us to perform drop tests, vibration test, application analysis, and impact measurement with use of accelerometers.

RFID film recognition

Problem : Defining proper settings on any air-cushion machine with inexperienced packers can lead to big issues as cushions might come out incorrectly sealed or inflated. This can lead to damage in transit. How can we make the machine smart enough so that it automatically fixes the proper settings whatever configuration the packer needs?

FP INTERNATIONAL solution: During the development of the MINI PAK'R system, our understanding of the RFID technology was improving.
RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification and is an intelligent barcoding system.

We equip every MINI PAK'R & PRO PAK’R roll with an RFID tag that holds information about the optimal sealing temperature and inflation levels. All machines are equipped with an RFID reader and read this tag as soon as the roll is placed on the machine and make sure that the right settings are applied.

This technology does not only simplify the use of the MINI PAK'R & PRO PAK’R, it also makes sure that no other film rolls can be used on the machines.

MINI PAK'R inflator
MINI PAK'R inflator
MINI PAK'R inflator

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