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NOVUS Quilt-Air Small

NOVUS Quilt-Air Small cushion NOVUS Quilt-Air Small wrapping application NOVUS Quilt-Air Small wrapping application
NOVUS Quilt-Air Small cushion NOVUS Quilt-Air Small wrapping application NOVUS Quilt-Air Small wrapping application

By producing the bubble material on-demand, you also achieve savings on storage and handling of pre-made bubble material. The inflator can be positioned directly at your packing area enabling you to produce directly into the carton.

The Quilt-Air Small film holds our patented air-transfer technology; the cells are connected to eachother enabling the air inside the cushion to move. This movement provides in a superior product protection during transportation and storage.


  • Material : Resin Blend
  • Cushion width : 400 mm
  • Pillow length (pre-configured/perforated) : 460 mm
  • Handle Cut perforation
  • Groundwater neutral
  • 100% recyclable
  • Dust-free – wear-resistant
  • Chemically inert
  • Air transfer technology
  • Can be transported problem free via the existing recycling systems for PE
  • Water repellent
  • Not toxic in case of burning

Environmental Characteristics

  • 100% recyclable
  • Can be transported problem free via the existing recycling systems for PE
  • Very light, 99% is air
  • Clean and dust-free
  • EN13427 compliant: Meets the European regulations for packaging & packaging waste (independently tested by PIRA).


NOVUS: Multi-purpose

NOVUS: Multi-purpose air cushion machine

The NOVUS air cushion machine is the ideal machine for customers shipping large quantities of boxes at high speed. It can replace traditional packaging materials such as paper, foam-in place or bubble. By using an internal air source and pre-configured film, the machine produces air cushions on demand at any desired location; from high speed in-line pack stations to small packing table operations. Various accessories increase the ease-of-use of this unique air cushion system!

Advantages of the NOVUS

Versatile: One machine for 4 different types of air cushions. Allowing you to wrap, corner protect, void-fill, block and brace and finally interleave.
Easy to use: Place a roll on the machine and press the start button to produce packing material, wherever and whenever you need it.
Superior protection: Unique air-transfer technology for a superior protection of your products.
Efficient and cost effective: Minimal storage space required: one pallet of film equals the same volme as one full truck-load of pre-made bubble. Eradicates handling and moving of heavy bundles.
Environmentally friendly: NOVUS cushions consist for 98% of air. Only 2% packaging volume for disposal. Less weight, less transportation costs and reduction of carbon footprint.

MINI PAK'R: Small Users

MINI PAK’R : Smart and versatile solution for small users.

The MINI PAK’R is a small, easy to use system that produces air cushions on demand. You can choose from 5 different types of air cushions, for any kind of protection that you may need: Void-filling, Wrapping, Interleaving, Corner protection and Top-layering.

Advantages of the MINI PAK’R
Compact and lightweight: LxWxH = 36 x 33 x 28cm, weight: 6kg
Plug & Play: RFID technology for easy operation. Correct machine settings are selected automatically.
Versatile: One machine for 5 different types of air cushions. From void-filling material to protective packaging film.
Also suitable for small Industrial applications.

POWER PAK'R: Large businesses

POWER PAK’R: For high volume customers

The POWER PAK’R is especially designed for high volume consumers of packaging materials who ship large amount of parcels per day. The optional sheeter and pre-tear unit automatically separates air cushions and contributes to improved productivity and handling.

Advantages of the POWER PAK’R
Ultimate protection: Air-transfer technology for superior protection during storage and transportation.
Versatile: Runs a wide variety of air cushion types: from square bags to wide wrapping cushions.
Unique in ease of use: Easy to load and operate.
Universal design: Modular system design allows machine to keep pace with your changing needs, providing the highest operational efficiencies possible.
Easy integration: One machine can serve multiple pack stations, especially designed for Automatic Delivery Systems (ADS).

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