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CELL-O GREEN 300x200 Cushion

CELL-O Green 300x200 cushion CELL-O Green 300x200 void fill application
CELL-O Green 300x200 cushion CELL-O Green 300x200 void fill application

CELL-O GREEN 300x200 is ideal for filling large voids along with noticeable environmental benefits. This cushion is very suitable to fill larger volumes that occur when using standard sized boxes.


  • Material : rPE
  • Pillow Width : 300 mm
  • Pillow length (pre-configured/perforated) : 200 mm
  • Chemically inert
  • Water repellent
  • 100% recyclable
  • Dust free / wear resistant
  • Not toxic in case of burning
  • Groundwater neutral
  • Extra features:Green product & Handle cut

Environmental Characteristics

  • Clean and dust-free
  • 100% recyclable
  • Very light, 99% is air
  • EN13427 compliant: Meets the European regulations for packaging & packaging waste (independently tested by PIRA).
  • Have a look at our environmental website pages to get more information!


CELL-O EZ: The Sustainable voidfill system

CELL-O EZ : The original voidfill machine in the Air-cushion market

The CELL-O EZ air cushion machine is a convenient tabletop unit and produces air cushions on demand. It uses ambient air, so compressed air is not required. The CELL-O EZ machine is the perfect air cushion system for warehouses, distribution centers and start-up operations.

Advantages of the CELL-O EZ
Fast: 12 meters/minute, up to 6m3 void-fill material per hour.
Compact: Convenient tabletop unit, small enough to fit anywhere.
Easy to use: Simple and quick loading of film and virtually maintenance free.
Environmentally friendly: CELL-O GREEN air cushions contain recycled material from post-consumer waste and comply with EN13427 standards.

Product data sheet in PDF format 

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