PILLOW PAK GREEN PILLOW PAK GREEN Cross-layer application PILLOW PAK GREEN Cross-layer application
PILLOW PAK GREEN PILLOW PAK GREEN Cross-layer application PILLOW PAK GREEN Cross-layer application

PILLOW PAK GREEN air cushions are ideal for wrapping larger objects where typical bubble material is used, the PILLOW PAK only needs one wrap around your product to achieve an even better level of product protection.

The product is produced when and where you need it and so you reduce time and money spent on storing and transporting large bubble rolls that take up your valuable space which you can use more effectively.


  • Material : rPE
  • Pillow width : 750 mm
  • Pillow length (pre-configured/perforated) : 185 mm
  • Air transfer technology
  • Not toxic in case of burning
  • Groundwater neutral
  • Chemically inert
  • Dust-free – wear-resistant
  • The green print is from water based ink
  • Water repellent

Environmental Characteristics

  • Very light, 99% is air
  • Easily consumed into existing recycling systems for PE
  • EN13427 compliant: Meets the European regulations for packaging & packaging waste (independently tested by PIRA).
  • 100% recyclable
  • Have a look at our environmental website pages to get more information!


PILLOW PAK’R: Make your own protective wrap

PILLOW PAK’R: Make your own protective wrap

With the PILLOW PAK’R air cushion machine you can save money and space by eliminating time consuming bubble handling, transportation and storage costs. Unlike traditional packaging materials, PILLOW PAK film offers much better cushioning properties due to the air-transfer technology. PILLOW PAK is also a good alternative to bubble for wrapping your large/wide products.

Advantages of the PILLOW PAK’R

Space saving: Reduces the amount of space required in warehousing packaging materials, as you can now produce film as and when required. 48 rolls (2 pallets) of PILLOW PAK equal a full truck of pre-made bubble wrap.
Damage reduction: Unique air-transfer technology improves cushioning: PILLOW PAK film allows air to move (or transfer) between cells providing superior cushioning and protective properties.
Easy to use and simple to operate: Make material on-demand where and when you need it and when you need it.
Cost effective: Reduces over-wrapping. 26 mm PILLOW PAK bubble height reduces the number of wraps required while providing the same cushioning protection.
Environmentally friendly: Reduced transportation of materials leads to significant reductions in the size of your carbon footprint.

POWER PAK'R: Large businesses

POWER PAK’R: For high volume customers

The POWER PAK’R is especially designed for high volume consumers of packaging materials who ship large amount of parcels per day. The optional sheeter and pre-tear unit automatically separates air cushions and contributes to improved productivity and handling.

Advantages of the POWER PAK’R
Ultimate protection: Air-transfer technology for superior protection during storage and transportation.
Versatile: Runs a wide variety of air cushion types: from square bags to wide wrapping cushions.
Unique in ease of use: Easy to load and operate.
Universal design: Modular system design allows machine to keep pace with your changing needs, providing the highest operational efficiencies possible.
Easy integration: One machine can serve multiple pack stations, especially designed for Automatic Delivery Systems (ADS).

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