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CELL-O Green 300x100

CELL-O Green 300x100 cushion on inflator CELL-O Green 300x100 cross-layer application Film Air cushion CELL-O Green300x100
CELL-O Green 300x100 cushion on inflator CELL-O Green 300x100 cross-layer application Film Air cushion CELL-O Green300x100

This 30cm wide air cushion enables you to create an all-round protection. By crossing two layers of film diagonally, you make sure that your product is secured on every side.

Frequently asked questions:

> “Working for the logistic department of a cosmetic company, I’m looking for a solution that allows me to send perfume and make-up boxes damage free. Currently using paper, this product is far too dirty and abrasive so I’m looking for something that is clean and soft.”

The CELL’O Green 300x100 is the perfect film for what you require. In a diagonal direction place 2 strips of these cushions at the bottom of the box, put the product in the middle, and then fold the 4 sides in order to have the best protection possible. This air cushion is soft, clean and dust-free allowing you to store your boxes without any marks.

> “I’m a business developer for a very well-known Cigar brand and I must ensure that the boxes arrive at customers intact. This luxury product requires special attention and the packaging should definitely not be damaged during transport or storage. What do you suggest? “

Your luxury products deserve special attention and the 300x100 Green air cushions meet your current problem. The cross layer application provides the best all round protection, avoiding damage of your products during transport and storage.


  • Material : rPE
  • Pillow Width : 300 mm
  • Pillow length (pre-configured/perforated) : 100 mm
  • Chemically inert
  • Water repellent
  • 100% recyclable
  • Dust free / wear resistant
  • Not toxic in case of burning
  • Groundwater neutral
  • Extra features:Green product & Handle cut

Environmental Characteristics

  • Clean and dust-free
  • 100% recyclable
  • Very light, 99% is air
  • EN13427 compliant: Meets the European regulations for packaging & packaging waste (independently tested by PIRA).
  • Have a look at our environmental website pages to get more information!


CELL-O EZ: The Sustainable voidfill system

CELL-O EZ : The original voidfill machine in the Air-cushion market

The CELL-O EZ air cushion machine is a convenient tabletop unit and produces air cushions on demand. It uses ambient air, so compressed air is not required. The CELL-O EZ machine is the perfect air cushion system for warehouses, distribution centers and start-up operations.

Advantages of the CELL-O EZ
Fast: 12 meters/minute, up to 6m3 void-fill material per hour.
Compact: Convenient tabletop unit, small enough to fit anywhere.
Easy to use: Simple and quick loading of film and virtually maintenance free.
Environmentally friendly: CELL-O GREEN air cushions contain recycled material from post-consumer waste and comply with EN13427 standards.

Product data sheet in PDF format 

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