Preventive maintenance

At FP we have been implementing a strong preventative maintenance program on a European basis for more than 5 years.

Our technicians visit all locations where our systems are placed, they check that all components are in good condition, and preventively replace them.

Preventative maintenance visits are also an ideal opportunity for our field engineers to listen carefully to the end-users of our systems. These remarks are fedback and integrated into the development of our products and services.

As an illustration of this, we have recently modified our Mini Pak’r machine by acting on the suggestions of our customers!

Preventative maintenance is then about creating the most favourable conditions so that our systems keep providing you with the best protective packaging material, throughout the year.

Customer Testimonials

"I’ve been working with FP International since 3 years now, and every year since, a technician comes to check the proper functioning of my machines and changes the used parts if needed”

Mr. A. – CEO for a shipping company of consumer goods

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