POWER PAK'R : Large businesses

POWER PAK’R: For high volume customers
The POWER PAK’R is especially designed for customers using a high volume of protective packaging material, shipping a large amount of parcels per day. The optional sheeter and pre-tear unit automatically separates air cushions and therefore contributes to an increase in productivity and handling.

Advantages of the POWER PAK’R

  • Ultimate protection:  Air-transfer technology for superior protection during storage and transportation.
  • Versatile: Runs a wide variety of air cushion types: from square bags to wide wrapping cushions.
  • Unique in ease of use: Easy to operate and to load the films.
  • Universal design: Modular system design allows machine to keep pace with your changing needs, providing the highest operational efficiencies possible.

Easy integration: One machine can serve multiple pack stations, especially designed for Automatic Delivery Systems (ADS).

>”As the head of a logistic center, I’m currently starting to automate my packing lines. We are packing more than 3000 boxes per day and I would like to find a reliable solution to protect my products. Our products are different sizes and will require different kinds of protection.”

The POWER PAK’R is the machine you are looking for. Perfect for high volume customers this machine is the best to integrate into your ADS Systems and one machine can serve multiple packing stations. Even if you have different kinds of products, the machine runs a wide variety of air cushion types that fits all types of needed protection.

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