Packaging Sustainability

To us sustainability means integrating long term economic, environmental and social dimensions into the way we operate our business. Our environmental commitment is to reduce the environmental impact of our products, services and operations, thereby enabling both FP International and our customers to operate in a more sustainable fashion

Through our investments in science and innovative technologies, we create products that people regard as illustrating our true environmental leadership.

In this section you'll find all the relevant elements on which our sustainable policy has been built on. From international guidelines to practical presentations which include self-explanatory diagrams.

Sustainability Model

Our development process is underpinned by the model of sustainability. In this model sustainability cannot be seen in isolation from the social, environmental and economic aspects of a packaging product.

Sustainable packaging is a product that is friendly to the environment, socially acceptable and economically appealing for both manufacturer and user.

  • Social = People
  • Environment = Planet
  • Economic = Profit & Quality

This sustainability model is the cornerstone for all of the products & solutions that we develop and introduce into the market.

Less is more

This is our answer to the important question of how to ship the growing number of parcels sustainably. We do this by using air in an innovative way. Air makes up more than 99% of our protective packaging; less than 1% is fully recyclable material. As you know, FP International is an expert in air cushions. We solve our customer's packaging challenges by increasing packaging speed and reducing packaging material, transport costs, storage space and return rates.

For more information about sustainability, please visit www.fp-sustainability.eu

Sustainability Company

We believe sustainable products can only be introduced by a sustainable company. Here are some of FP's sustainable initiatives which meet today's and tomorrow's requirements.

  • First producer of loosefill from 100% recycled material
  • We recycle 4400 tonnes of PS every year worldwide
  • Reprocessor accreditation & producer responsibility 2011
  • Using water-based inks & recycled cores & boxes
  • Working closely together with rPE & rPS suppliers
  • REACH conformity

EU Legislation

Sustainability have been adopted by the international legislative and regulatory authorities. The following are the major directives which have been created with regard to packaging:

All our products comply with the relevant European guidelines and regulations.

Sustainable products

Our complete film range meets the European standards in the field of packaging and packaging waste. At FP International, we work on making our products sustainable in an economical and environmentally responsible way:

RECYCLABLE: The FP products are 100%

LIGHTWEIGHT: 98% of our products is air, adding no extra weight to your carton reducing transportation costs and carbon emissions.

EN13427 compliant: independently assessed by the PIRA institute.

EUROPE: All the films produced by FP are compliant with the relevant European Environmental Directives, which are applicable in all EU member states.

ROHS certified

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