NOVUS : Multi-purpose

NOVUS: Multi-purpose air cushion machine

The NOVUS air cushion machine is the ideal machine for customers shipping large quantities of boxes at high speed. It can replace traditional packaging materials such as paper, foam-in place or bubble. By using an internal air source and pre-configured film, the machine produces air cushions on demand at any desired location; from high speed in-line pack stations to small packing table operations. Various accessories increase the ease-of-use of this unique air cushion system!

Advantages of the NOVUS

  • Versatile:  One machine for 4 different types of air cushions. From wrapping, corner protections, void-filling, blocking and bracing to interleaving.
  • Easy to use: Place a roll on the machine and press the start button to produce packing material, wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Superior protection: UUnique air-transfer technology for a superior protection of your products.
  • Efficient and cost effective: No large storage space required: one pallet of film equals the same volme as one full truck-load of pre-made bubble. No handling and moving of heavy bundles.
  • Environmentally friendly: NOVUS cushions consist for 98% of air. Only 2% packaging volume for disposal. Less weight, less transportation costs and reduction of carbon footprint.

PILLOW PAK’R : Make your own protective wrap
With the PILLOW PAK’R air cushion machine you can save money and space by eliminating time consuming bubble handling, transportation and storage costs. Unlike traditional packaging materials, PILLOW PAK film offers much better cushioning properties due to the air-transfer technology. PILLOW PAK is also a good alternative to wrap your large/wide products.

Advantages of the PILLOW PAK’R

  • Space saving:   reduces the amount of space required in warehouse needed to store traditional packaging material, as you can now produce film as required. 48 rolls (2 pallets) of PILLOW PAK equal a full truck of pre-made bubble wrap.
  • Damage reduction: Unique air-transfer technology improves cushioning: PILLOW PAK film allows air to move (or transfer) between cells providing superior cushioning and protection.
  • Easy to use and simple to operate: Make material on-demand where you need it and when you need it.
  • Cost effective: Reduces over-wrapping. 26 mm PILLOW PAK bubble height reduces number of wraps while providing the same cushioning protection.
  • Environmentally friendly: less transportation required than normal bubble wrap as 2 pallets (48 rolls) of PILLOW PAK film are equivalent to 1 truck load of bubble wrap. This helps to reduce your company carbon footprint, and savings in material usage add further environmental benefits.

> “Manufacturer of greeting cards, I want a versatile solution to pack my products which vary in size. I do a lot of void fill but also have wrapping applications. We ship large quantities of boxes at high speed, so I'm looking for something compatible with our way of working.”

The NOVUS machine is ideal for high speed shipments. The NOVUS system is easy to use and will allow you to have multi use protective packaging on demand The machine can inflate four different types of air cushions from wrapping, corner protection, void-filling, interleaving to blocking and bracing.

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