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MINI PAK'R TOP FILL – The Ergonomic & Space Saving standardised solution of FP


MINI PAK'R Top Fill Solution
MINI PAK'R Top Fill Solution
We are happy to announce that FP International’s successful MINI PAK’R Top Fill solution became a standardized accessory, available since 1st October 2016.

It will allow a faster placement of our solution which is highly appreciated by our customers. This off-the-shelf system is an ideal solution to save space around packing stations. The MINI PAK’R Industrial machine stands on a high platform, dispensing the air cushions directly into the bin, without using ducting.


• Ergonomic: Because there is no longer the use of ducting, the packers do not suffer from noise from the blower. This system also contributes to an ergonomic posture for your employees, which leads to less injury.
• Flexible solution: The silo of the Top Fill has several openings that can be used simultaneously by multiple users.
• Space saving: The Top Fill can be placed directly to the wall, the packing table or conveyor, which saves workspace.

You can have a look to the datasheet:

This solution does not differ much from the already known Top Fill systems in the market. The standardized solution comes with fixed technical features:

• Silos available in the 2 most popular sizes:
- Small: 780x580x1050mm
- Large: 780x1180x1050mm
• The Top Fill can be installed in 2 ways: fixed on top of packing tables or mounted on a frame to be positioned as stand-alone (i.e. next to a packing table or a conveyor belt).
• The standardized Top Fill solution is available for the MINI PAK’R Industrial.
• The silos have multiple openings on every side (left and right handed) for ideal and ergonomic cushion pick-out
• A sensor located on top of the silo automates the air cushion production
• The unit contains a machine mounting plate with easy lock-system for convenient machine installation
• Contains a pressurized overhead lever-system to fold-down the machine for a convenient, ergonomic roll swap
• CE-certified

What does standardization imply?

Customers can be served extremely quickly with an off-the-shelf FP International solution. The installation process will be shortened by 75% - coming down from 6-8 weeks. Our pool of technicians are trained and equipped to install this accessory very quickly.

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