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FP International repositions itself


Future-oriented market focus for greater success

The leading manufacturer of protective packaging, FP International, is directing its focus at the attractive air cushion system segment. In doing so, the company is repositioning itself within the European market. This development reflects the progressive alignment of FP International. Yet it still always keeps in mind its customers and their needs, and those of the environment.

"We started out with a promising future 50 years ago as the inventor of the FLO-PAK loosefill packaging chips," says Holger Büsing, General Manager Loosefill. Since then, the company has made a name for itself around the world with the development of innovative protective packaging products and solutions. Today, the FP International portfolio includes a broad range of sustainable protective packaging applications, which protect products during storage and transport. The packaging professionals also supply the appropriate machines for the high-quality materials. Not only that, FP has also developed tailor-made and individual overall concepts and integrated packaging solutions for its customers to make workflows economical and efficient. "But there is one thing that remains unchanged for us, even today: our customers and their needs are always at the centre of our attention. They determine the market, to which we adapt as a company," stresses Holger Büsing. The internationally successful company therefore constantly works on new products and services to stay one step ahead of the changing needs of the market and to provide its customers with the best solutions.

New focus on the air cushions segment

In order to continue moving towards a successful future and offer its customers the best service and future-oriented products, FP International is now refocusing itself. The company will therefore be divided into two business divisions in 2014. "While global demand for loosefill packaging has seen a decline in the last few years, the air cushion systems segment has grown steadily," says Joost Meijs, European Sales Director. "We are therefore going to focus in the future on the production and further development of our air cushion systems." The second core area comprises the loosefill division of the company which will concentrate on production at the sites in Germany and the Netherlands from 1st January 2014. All European markets will be supplied from there. "The packaging chips segment will remain a mainstay for FP International," stresses Holger Büsing. "This new positioning allows us to best serve the different European markets," stresses Joost Meijs.

Innovative machines with service benefits

With the parallel introduction of a new, innovative generation of packaging machines, FP International is simultaneously emphasising its pioneering role in the field of technology and service. "The new devices help our customers significantly in their daily work and offer many extras and features that are unmatched in the market," says Joost Meijs. "They contain the expertise of previous models along with the ongoing exchange of ideas with the users. This is how we have developed progressive, forward-looking machines which offer the highest levels of reliability and customer orientation."

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