MINI PAK’R : Ideal for small users

MINI PAK’R : Smart and versatile solution for small users.

The MINI PAK’R is a small, easy to use system that produces air cushions on demand. You can choose from 5 different types of air cushions, for any kind of protection you need: Void-filling, Wrapping, Interleaving, Corner protection and Top-layering.

Advantages of the MINI PAK’R

  • Compact and lightweight:   LxWxH = 36 x 33 x 28cm, weight: 6kg
  • Plug & Play: RFID technology for easy operation. Correct machine settings are selected automatically.
  • Versatile: One machine for 5 different types of air cushions. From void-filling material to protective film.
  • Also suitable for small: industrial applications.

> « I’m the owner of an online shop selling old toys to collectors. Currently, I’m sending about 20 boxes per week and I’m looking for a protective packaging to wrap but also to block my products in the box as they are very valuable. I’m working from home and do not have enough space to stock bubble film.

Our MINI PAK’R is one of the smallest machines in the market which enables you to put it anywhere you need. It’s very easy to use; this machine is perfect for startup businesses and small volumes for shipping. The MINI PAK’R can inflate 5 different types of cushion allowing you to choose the best configurations for the best protection of your products!

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