Continuous improvement

Service is continuous improvement process.

We keep measuring how our customers perceive our service, and develop improvement programs where required.
Our last European customer satisfaction survey, led at the beginning of 2010 by an independent company (ERMIS, Lyon, FRANCE) showed that generally speaking our customers value our service. It also pointed out some possible improvements for us to work on.
Service is a continuous improvement process and we will measure the effect our actions in a new survey beginning of 2012.

Continuous improvement also means the continuous training of our teams.

Again, we strive at making more plug-and-play systems which embedding even smarter technology into our devices. We therefore need to keep our field engineers trained on the technical evolutions.

Our Field Engineers are our first ambassadors at our customers this is why we at FP INTERNATIONAL believe in the continuous training of its field service teams.

... Service is anywhere where we can ease our customers’ job

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