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Automatic Delivery Systems (ADS) are the final step to full integration into your packing area. These are particularly useful when you have multiple packing tables and when a reduction of manual transportation of air cushions and an improvement in the overall handling and use is required.

Each ADS is custom-made and can be integrated into almost any existing packing environment. After an evaluation of your logistic situation, our ADS engineers work out a detailed and tailor-made solution for your requirements. To be able to offer the most satisfactory solution, we make use of our 4-steps approach:

Step 1: Quick Scan
First, with the customer we undertake a detailed analysis of the packaging area lay-out, top capacity, line speed, safety requirements, and future plans, etc.

Step 2: Proposal
Based on the Quick Scan we deliver an integration proposal that includes a technical drawing and quotation.

Step 3: Installation
Once the proposal is approved, our skilled field service engineers will perform the onsite installation of the Automatic Delivery System.

Step 4: in Operation
After the integration is put into operation, we will start up a preventative maintenance program to secure a continuous supply of your packaging materials.

Benefits of an Automatic Delivery System

  • Ergonomic solution
  • Flexible and modular
  • Tailor-made
  • On demand production and delivery
  • Pre-cut air cushions
  • Space saving
  • Time saving
  • One machine, multiple pack stations

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